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How Nife Works

Deploy all your applications instantly

NIFE's Cloud Computing Services

Access on-demand infrastructure from a global array of providers to seamlessly deploy any application anywhere.

Deploy in Seconds

Deploy your app from Docker images, or connect your git repository and simply deploy.

Run globally in a click

Run your apps in some or all of our regions depending on your needs. Go global with 500 Cloud, Edge and Telco locations.

Auto Scaling Seamlessly

Any region, any location at the closest endpoint at fingertips.

Run Anything

From Containers to Functions to MicroVMs we are ready to power even the Telco Orchestration needs from MEC to MANO to ORAN beyond the edge cloud!

Redefining the Edge

Edge Network & Multi Access Edge Computing

With Access to an Edge Ecosystem and 5G Edge, Nife provides seamless deployment of applications making low latency a reality between network, cloud and the devices. Find out how your applications can work on the Edge.


Smart Cities

Computer Vision

Robotics Manufacturing

Smart Retail

Smart Railways

Industrial IOT

Smart CDN

Avail Computing access closer to your end-user.

Making Computing at a stone throw distance

Hybrid Cloud Computing

Make your apps faster and real-time by letting Nife's platform intelligently route your traffic to our expanding global network of edge servers


We choose Nife because our customers need global hyperlocal Infra. Our customers get Privacy, Security and even the regional scaling via Nife.
Samir Hasan

Founder CEO, Knowtified

Cloud Computing, edge computing and the way forward

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The Zero DevOps Edge Cloud Experience

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